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Trick or Treat! Food Allergy-Friendly Halloween Ideas

Boo! Halloween is around the corner. While Halloween is an exciting holiday, having food allergies also brings a sense of anxiousness during the season. Fear not! Here are three food allergy-friendly ways you can celebrate Halloween.

Goodie Bags

When you think of goodie bags, you might initially remember chocolate and candy. Don’t worry! Goodie bags with toys are great for food allergies. Some of my favorite easy-to-find Halloween goodies are:

  • Stationery: pencils, erasers, highlighters, stickers, etc.

  • Fidget Toys: fidget spinners, pop-its, Rubik’s cubes, bouncy balls, bubbles, etc.

  • Books, especially if they’re Halloween-themed!


Decor is one of the best ways to display Halloween spirit before and during the event. Plus, it’s fully food allergy-friendly, and you can be as creative as you’d like.

One super easy (and fun) decor method is making posters. I love making posters for a certain theme every year and hanging them up on the door or inside my house. Some themes you might try are skeletons, witches, zombies, vampires, or haunted houses. Printable posters are another great alternative!


Jack-O-Lanterns have some food involved, but they’re experimental and don’t fall under the top 9 allergens! If you want to get even more creative, here are some unconventional ways to make Jack-O-Lanterns.

  • Paper Lanterns: try a less-messy version of a Jack-O-Lantern by making it out of crafting materials! This is a great idea if you’re short on time or want your lantern to be more long-lasting.

  • Other Foods: if you’re up for the challenge, try making Jack-O-Lanterns from other foods for a fun change. Some other fruits/vegetables you can try to make the lanterns out of are cantaloupe, watermelon, squash, and avocado. You can even eat your masterpiece at the end!

Hopefully, these ideas will help you celebrate a food allergy-friendly trick-or-treating season. Until then, remember to watch out for the ghosts and ghouls! Have a spooktacular Halloween.


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