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Dairy and Nut-Free Summer Treats

Happy summer! If you are allergic to dairy, it is often hard to find treats for a hot summer day that compare to ice cream, the summer classic. But don’t worry, I have found lots of other options for those allergic to dairy to indulge in this summer – some may even rival ice cream!

*Disclaimer: A lot of these brands may not accommodate everyone’s food allergies. I advise reading the list of ingredients thoroughly before trying a food in order to avoid an allergic reaction. Even if the food claims to be safe, double-checking the ingredients is always another way to ensure total safety. Always have your allergy medications (EpiPen, Benadryl, AuviQ, etc.) ready when trying new foods.*


Not only does Talenti make Gelato, but they also make dairy-free sorbetto! In flavors like raspberry and mango, this sorbetto is perfect for a hot summer day. They also have mini sorbetto bars, which are similar to popsicles, for another delicious summer treat!

Smores (With Dairy-Free Chocolate)

Enjoy Life chocolate is perfect to use for dairy-free s'mores! Many of the classic Honey Maid Graham Crackers and Jet Puff Marshmallows are dairy-free (but always double check the ingredient labels) so adding the Enjoy Life chocolate on top is perfect for making your own safe smores at the campfire!


Since I was young, I have loved Outshine popsicles! Making them in several different flavors from lime to watermelon, Outshine has a popsicle for everyone. I would definitely check these out for a dairy-free summer treat!

Luigi's Italian Ice

If you are looking for a tasty popsicle alternative, Luigi’s Italian Ice is the perfect option! There are so many flavors to choose from, but I would recommend strawberry.

These are just a few of the summer treats I love, but there are always more to find. I hope you were able to find some tasty new options for a safe summer treat!


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